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Everyone has the right to look and feel his or her absolute best. Changing your body composition of muscle to fat ratio determines the way we look.

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Your Body, Your Life.... With over 10yrs experience as a personal trainer and professional Figure athlete Kel Johnson has become living proof that armed with a positive attitude, proper nutrition and effective exercise programs it is never to late to take charge of the rest of your life.


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Anti Aging can be a difficult topic to discuss, Lets look at this from a health perspective first, The aging process is due to oxidation, poor diets, insufficient rest, pollutants, chemicals ingested and absorbed...


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This program is designed for every woman; it encompasses the physical, emotional and mental and in some cases the financial attitudes and beliefs that are self-limiting.

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Want to know more about Kel's self help Book "YSM the body bible" this is for every new mother, full of motivation, nutritional plans and fitness tips. earn Kel's secrets to your best every post baby body and healthy living.



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